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President of The Humble Heart, a charitable, non-profit foundation formed to support the poor and homeless.

Mark is a writer, artist, musician, and graphic designer, and an avid blogger and website owner. Mark’s focus is helping humanity, especially the homeless. 

I wish to explore and share ideas and thoughts in an effort to awaken these ideas in each of us. My goal is to create passion in the hearts and minds of my readers for the plights of society, and to discover how we each can help our brethren.


4 responses to “About Mark

  1. Beautiful work Mark. You are spreading your beautiful light out to humanity by these powerful words. Many Blessings.

  2. Dear Mark I continue to stand amazed at your strength and faith as you walk through this journey of homelessness but at the same time alerting many the plight of many on the streets. There is such a need and we can not continue to blindly pass anyone on the street without helping in some way. May the Lord be with you and guide you in every step, providing all that you need.

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