Salvation is not guaranteed

God forgives us our sins and wants us to ask for his help in our lives. The forgiveness is unconditional, however salvation is not.
If you were to act the fool in your parents house and raise hell, your parents would most likely still love you, but if after being taught the truth, you still continued raising hell, and refused to accept their guidance, they may very well throw you out.
How much more do you think God loves us, and he too has the right of judgment to decide whether you live in his house.
So all sinners take heed, yes you are loved and forgiven by God, however you can not continue to live a sinful life and strut your sin around demanding “Equal Rights” from government, and expect to be asked into God’s house. Repentance must follow forgiveness, in other words, you must change your sinful ways.
No amount of human justification will affect God’s Judgments. Parades, signs, shouting, governmental intervention, special rights groups, none of these will change a sinner into a non sinner. Only your own contrite heart and God’s Grace can do that.
Jesus forgave the prostitute but then said, “Go and sin no more.”

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